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Door Frame Metal Detector

Door Frame Metal Detector

We are a reliable source when it comes to obtain the best Door Frame Metal Detectors. Designed by professionals, the Metscan Delux DFMD Range of Door Frame Metal Detectors offered by us detect both ferrous & non ferrous metals that are hidden on an individual in any possible way. Aesthetically designed with door frames, our Door Frame Metal Detectors can suit any type of décor. Fitted with the finest grade components, these Door Frame Metal Detectors are provided with plug in card system for ease of servicing & minimum down-time.

  • High 'Q' tuned resonant circuit
  • 9 Levels to select the Low, Medium and High Sensitivity
  • Audio Alarm and Visual indicator by Bar Graph
  • Walk/Stop Indicator
  • Control knob for initial setting with respect to immediate vicinity and environmental conditions

Physical Parameters
  • Control Unit - Built in
  • Ramp - Covered with synthetic carpet for long life
  • Passage - 1950mm x 750mm
  • Overall Dimension - 2100mm x 825mm x 300mm

Technical Parameters
  • Principal - “Eddy Current Loss”
  • Detection - All ferrous & non ferrous metals
  • Power Source - Operatable on 230 Volts AC+15%, 50Hz, 50V
  • Sensitivity - Low - Objects like Grenades
  • Medium - Objects like Pistol & Small Weapons
  • High - Objects like Watches, Keys & Coins etc.